Vidal Sassoon Waves Crème Pomade 3.5 Oz
Vidal Sassoon Waves Crème Pomade 3.5 Oz
Vidal Sassoon Waves Crème Pomade 3.5 Oz

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Vidal Sassoon Waves Crème Pomade 3.5 Oz

Product ID: 8052208

Condition: New
  • Conditioning wave enhancer.
  • For wavy to curly hair.
  • Our Sassoon experts have designed this rich wave enhancing crème pomade to help your hair with shine, softness and long lasting hold.

Original Product Guaranteed - Imported from USA

Vidal Sassoon Color Protect Shampoo cleanses and helps protect your colored hair, leaving it with a glossy shine. This rich conditioning formula was designed especially for your colored-treated hair. There's salon genius in every bottle that helps leave it perfectly vibrant and gorgeous after every wash. Key Features Rich conditioning formula Perfectly vibrant fashionable colored hair Protects color for 48 washes Genius Style Tips Everyone thinks that it’s the shampoo that causes your hair color to fade. Not true. In fact, it is the water and the minerals within your water that actually strip your hair of the rich color. Over time, the color molecules begin to break up, and slowly your once-vibrant color is now a dull, bland reminder of the color you used to have. One way to help prevent your color from fading is to choose Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Hair Color with VS HydraBlock Technology that actually helps block water from breaking down your color. Used with the Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner, the system is designed to leave your hair nourished, shiny, and fade resistant. Frequently Asked Questions Can this product really protect my color? The Vidal Sassoon Color Protect collection was formulated to prevent fading for 48 washes. How will this product help protect my hair from damage? The formula was specially designed to nourish colored hair and protect it from future damage. Why should I trust the Vidal Sassoon brand and its products? Vidal Sassoon revolutionized the industry forever with his forward-thinking techniques and innovative styles that empowered women to create unique styles that showed off their true personality. That passion is in every formula we create to bring you outstanding products at an affordable price. Discover Total Color Confidence Keep your color as vibrant as the day you colored it with the complete Color Protect collection from Vidal Sassoon. view larger Step 1 - Cleanse with Color Protect Shampoo to help protect your color for up to 48 washes Step 2 - Condition with Color Protect Conditioner to nourish your colored hair for an enhanced shine Step 3 - Finish with Vidal Sassoon stylers to perfect your colorful style

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